Inzomia HQ in Stockholm, Sweden - 30 August 2002

Inzomia Viewer 2 released
The Inzomia Viewer 2 is designed to do but one thing - to display images in the best way possible. It's a quick to start yet powerful desktop viewer offering windowed and fullscreen view modes. The cool and intuitive skinned user interface lets you view, pan, zoom and rotate JPG, PNG, BMP and TGA images including images in compressed ZIP files. Create and save playlists and slideshows. Smart shell integration that lets you keep your current default image viewer.

Feature overview:

  • Quick to start
  • View images in compressed ZIP files
  • Window or fullscreen view
  • Smooth filtered pan, zoom and rotation
  • Create and save image playlists and slideshows
  • Add whole folders with images
  • Cool skinned user interface
  • Thumbnail preview
  • Slideshow
  • View JPG, PNG, BMP, TGA
  • Shell integration
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    Inzomia is a patented technology used in a number of digital imaging software products. Previously released software using the Inzomia technology includes Inzomia Zoom Studio 2, Inzomia Viewer and the Inzomia browser plug-in.

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    Magnus StjernaCEO Fredrik Lönn, CTO