Image gallery examples made with Zoom studio

Generated with Inzomia Zoom Studio - Home Edition.
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It took less than 5 minutes to create all these example galleries.
A broadband connection is recommended as the images are large, all gallery types contain the same images.

The Framed Gallery lists all images with a thumbnail and its description from the IPTC data in the image. The image can be viewed with Inzomia or without.
View Framed example gallery
The Flipper gallery gives a quick overview of all images. Hower the mouse above the small dots to show a preview, click to load the image. The loaded image can be zoomed using Inzomia.
View Flipper example gallery
The Image Calendar generate a Calendar with one photo for each month. A quick link to print the page is added at the bottom.
View Calendar example gallery
The IPTC gallery shows one image at a time with its IPTC info. IPTC info can be edited from within Inzomia Zoom studio.
View IPTC example gallery
The "MyGalleryPopup" gallery lists all images with a thumbnail. When the thumbnail is clicked a popup window is opened with the image.
View Gallery popup
The Scroller gallery displayes thumbnails as a scoll list to the side of the image. The selected image is displayed with Inzomia.
View Scroller example gallery
Slideshow creates a slideshow of the selected images. The viewer can start and stop the slideshow with buttons below the image.
View Slideshow web page example
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